Thursday, August 2, 2018

Unicorn Magic ft. MoYou London Hipster 21

Hello Readers!

Are you ready for a little unicorn magic?

Heaven knows I already had some unicorn images. But then, MoYou London came out with a unicorn themed plate and like the total fangirl that I am, I put it into my shopping cart.

MoYou London Hipster 21
It's been a long time since I've made a decal that has lettering on it, and I forgot that the lettering would be backwards if I worked from my silicone mat. Luckily I noticed before applying the decal to my nails and I just cut off the "believe" and then stamped it directly under the unicorn.

MoYou London Princess 17
For my pinky and pointer, I have a little starburst action from this Princess Collection plate. This is the only princess plate I own, but the designs really drew me in. Lots of great cute stuff on here!

MoYou London Mandela 14

And I felt some beads would be perfect for this whimsical mani, so I used one of the many bead designs from this plate and added a little rhinestone star for a pop of color and dimension.