Sunday, July 23, 2017

Simple Sunday 7/23/17- ft. new MoYou London Frenchy

Hello Readers!

Ever since MoYou London released some updated plates to the Frenchy collection a few months ago, I've been dying to get my hands on them. Well, the time when I was able to do so has come and so today I have some Simple Sunday nails featuring some newer MoYou London plates.

Now, while this mani is simple to do in terms of steps and time, I will warn you that these images with intersecting lines are a bit tricky to get stamped onto your nail straight. You may notice here that my lines got slightly warped in the stamping process.

I started off this mani with 3 coats of the Sinful Colors "In your elemelon" polish. This polish is a bit streakier on the first two coats than most Sinful Colors formulas, so that surprised me a bit, but it worked out on the third.

Next, I chose a pattern to add some texture to the mani. I wanted something polka dotty since I was pairing it with stripes, and this MoYou London plate from the tropical collection had the perfect splatter pattern. 

The final step was to stamp on one of the geometric french nail designs from this MoYou London Frenchy collection plate. I really love the triangular nail tip designs on this plate. It was something I definitely didn't have in my collection and I was excited to try out!

Friday, July 21, 2017

Born Pretty Store Review: Chameleon Polish and Stamping Polish

**Items reviewed in this post were provided to me by Born Pretty Store in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.**

Hello Readers!

Today I have another couple of reviews for Born Pretty Store- a couple of polishes this time.

So recently, Born Pretty has come out with some chameleon polishes that have a pretty good color shift. This particular one is "Sunset Glow", item #39970, and retails for $4.99.

You can see quite a bit of the color shift in the bottle, although on the nail I mostly see a burgundy color with a very pronounced green color shift. Here's how it looks on the nail:

Now, this polish was pretty easy to use. I have pictured two coats, and was surprised to get pretty good coverage in just one. It did dry with some really tiny bubbles that you can see in the pic, but aren't as obvious in real life, and it has a really lovely shimmer running all throughout it.

With the great coverage I got in one coat, I was hoping this polish would stamp well, but I really was not impressed. It did not show up boldly when stamped and was fairly faint, so I scrapped that idea. However, this is a lovely polish to use as a base color.

The brush in the bottle was quite a bit wider than I am used to, and I wasn't a huge fan of it. It was about as thick as the Sally Hansen Compete Salon Manicure brushes, if you are familiar with those, but had less of a flat shape and more of a bulky round shape, if that makes sense.

The second product I am reviewing in this post is a Born Pretty stamping polish.

This is a stamping polish in the 6ml size, so fairly small, and can be found in this set of colors on the Born Pretty website. (This particular color is #95.) (item #40249)

This currently retails for $2.99.

I have used this polish to stamp the leopard print onto my ring finger nail. Now, the biggest thing I will note about this polish is that it has a pretty distinctive green tone to it. On the website, it looks straight gold to me but there is not a swatch of it so it is hard to tell the exact color.

On my nails, I've paired it with Sinful Colors "Gold Medal" to fill in the tiger shape so you can see exactly what color this stamping polish is. That being said, I think it pairs interestingly with the Chameleon polish since they both have quite a bit of a green tint.

If you decide to try either of these polishes out, you can find the gold stamping polish here and the Chameleon polish here. You can also use my Born Pretty Discount code, RACHX31, for a 10% discount on the Born Pretty website.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Born Pretty Review: Dinosaur Plate (BP-125)

*Items in this post were provided to me by Born Pretty Store in exchange for an honest review.*

Hello Readers!

Another shipment from Born Pretty has arrived to me in the mail, which means it's time for another round of product reviews. The first product I will be reviewing is the super-cute dinosaur themed plate, number BP-125. (Item #39698)

This plate arrived to me with a blue plastic protective film on it to prevent scratching during manufacturing and shipping. The blue film must be removed prior to stamping with the plate. The plate was also protected in a cardboard sleeve to prevent damage.

I found this plate to be very well-etched, and had no problem  with the pick-up on any of the images. Born Pretty typically does a very good job on the etch of their plates.

With this plate, I decided to make a mani for my son's birthday, as he is turning 5 years old today and loves him some dinosaurs! I decided these dinosaurs needed a gradient background, so I sponged one on and created some decals with some of the images from the plate.

A lot of these dinos have very small details on them, so it was difficult to get the polish in the exact spot without spilling over in some areas. Still, these images are really very cute and different, and I'm happy to own this plate.

If you are interested in this plate, you can find it here at the Born Pretty Store, currently for $1.59 with free shipping. You can also use my Born Pretty Discount code, RACHX31, for 10% off your purchases at Born Pretty.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Simple Sunday 7/16/17- ft MoYou London Festive

Hello Readers!

Today's mani is based off of a heart motif from one of MoYou London's Festive collection plates with a Valentine's Day theme. It's not Valentines Day, but to me hearts are a theme that never go out of season.

My original plan here was to do one nail with a decal that had just one heart colored in gold. But I smudged my decal and ruined it. I didn't feel like making a new one, so I just painted my ring finger gold and stamped a larger heart motif on it.

Walgreens was having a Sinful Colors 5/5$ sale last week, so I picked up a couple of colors that I haven't tried yet. Everyone seems to love "Starfish", so I decided to give it a try, as well as "Gold Medal" because I've heard it's really good for stamping. :)

Here's a quick look at the Moyou London plate I used- the number is "Festive 51."

Friday, July 14, 2017

Nail Crazies Unite: Ocean Life

Hello Readers!

Today's post is for the Nail Crazies Unite Group, where this week we are making "Ocean Life" manis. There's a jellyfish image on one of the MoYou London "Animal" plates that I've been wanting to use forever, so I decided to base my mani around that.

I also was excited because I recently found the Sinful Colors "Rainstorm" polish in Kmart, which is one I've been wanting forever but have never been able to find. Not sure what it was doing there; if it's being re-promoted or it was just totally random, but I was happy!

So the jellyfish image on my ring finger comes from the MoYou London plate "Animal 04." I thought about using the starfish image to go with it, but was having a hard time making the mani work in my head so I decided to go in a different direction. I filled the jellies in with the Sinful Colors "Bangin Blue" polish.

The geometric print on my pinky/pointer fingers comes from the MoYou London plate "Hipster 13". I stamped it in the Sinful Colors "Sugar Pumpkin".

On my middle finger, I felt like it needed a little accent so I grabbed the Born Pretty Nail Sequins that I reviewed a while back and picked two gold ones in different sizes to add.

I hope you enjoyed this mani! Be sure to check out the link-up below for more "Ocean Life" nail ideas!

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Monkey Business

Hello Readers!

Today I am showing you a mani I have wanted to make ever since I bought the Bundle Monster Kawaii Emoji collection. I fell in love with those bananas and felt like they needed to be paired with a monkey!

He's in tiny monkey heaven.

This mani started off as many do, with two coats of each different color onto my nails.

I created two decals from the banana image on this Bundle Monster Kawaii Emoji plate. I've already used this plate quite a few times, to create a rainbow jellybean mani, a veggie themed one, and a watermelon look.

The little monkey face comes from The MoYou London plate "Geek 13", which I have also found to be highly versatile.

I decided some bold stripes was exactly what the design needed, so I pulled out my trusty MoYou London "Holy Shapes 05" plate. Still a favorite of mine- still my most used plate.

Now, I decided to stamp some subtle texture behind the monkey face, and figured this plate from Bundle Monster's new Shape Nouveau collection would be the perfect one to run to. I used one of the larger image patterns and it worked great for a full nail design.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Simple Sunday 7/9/2017: Purple and Gold

Hello Readers!

Most of the time when I sit down to do my nails, I have hours of evening hours ahead of me- the kids are in bed, and I plan on relaxing the rest of the night. But, every once in a while, things get shaken up and I need to do something that is going to be done-in-a-flash so I can get on with my life.

Last night was one of those nights- I was substituting for a friend selling concessions during the intermission at the local theater, so I needed my nails to have time to dry before I headed over there so they wouldn't get destroyed. So this mani is very simple and easy, just like I usually try to do for my Simple Sunday manis anyway. :)

I love the MoYou London Trend Hunter plates for intricate stamping designs that look great with just simple stamping.

I went for a classic purple and gold combo for this mani- for these really intricate designs, using a stamping polish can be really helpful.

My stamping image comes from MoYou London's "Trend Hunter 13" plate, which I've found myself reaching for a lot when I really need something quick and easy.