Plates by Other Assorted Makers

This page is an index guide to manis that use plates from anybody but MoYou London or Bundle Monster (since the aforementioned are my favorite makers and I have the most of them).

HeHe Plates

hehe 018

hehe 024

Harry Potter Collection

hehe 025

MoYou London Dupes (Aliexpress/Ebay)

Greek Mythology, 9 Muses


Mother Nature- Hot Air Balloons
Fairytale- Nutcracker
Christmas Presents

Fairytale- Elves and the Shoemaker
Holiday Movie: Elf

Fairytale- Hansel and Gretel
Candy Corn

Fairytale- Mythical Creatures
Pop Art Ghost

Pro Collection- The Shoe Plate
Z is for Zapatos

Festive Collection- Gingerbread House
Christmas Preperations

Time Traveller Collection, 20s
Y is for YesterYear

Explorer Collection
Simple Sunday 11/20

Tourist, Paris
Simple Sunday: Mona Lisa
Sweet Shoppe

Artist, Frames
Simple Sunday: Mona Lisa
Simple Sunday 2/12/2017

Born Pretty Store Plates

BPL-015, Florals 

BPX-L001, Emojis

BPL-008, Basic Prints
Candy Cane Hearts
Pink Vampires
Inspired by Fashion
Hipster Stripes
Metallic Starships
Back to School
Golden Pineapple
Chameleon Polish Review

BPL-022, Geek
Z is for Zapatos
R is for R2D2

BPL-014, Monograms
Silver and Gold

BPL-009, Southwest Designs
Election Day
Aztec Glitter
Blue Ocean
Golden Pineapple
Cinco De Mayo
Scorpion in the Sand

Plaid Plate
Fall Flowers
S is for Squirrel
Inspired by Artwork
Farmer's Market
Summer Sunflowers

BP-77, Geometric
Glow in the Dark Aliens

BP-11, Watermarble
Blue Ocean

BP-69, Dandelions
Yellow Dandelion Wishes
New Year New You

BPL-0221, Shilouettes 
9th anniversary

Harunouta-L036, flower shop
Morning Glories
Dream Big
Spring Gardening
Pastel Flowers Over Lace

BP-34, Butterflies
Butterfly Wings

BP-L002, Shop Window
Fast Food

BP-L87, Line Art Flowers
"Work Appropriate" Nail Art
Rosy Butterfly
Summer Sunflowers

BP-L059, Music Themes
Simple Sunday: Musical Mani
Motherhood Mani

BP-L062, Comic Book
Glitter Blocked Comic Book

BP-L064, School Themes
End of the School Year
Motherhood Mani
Rock Hunting: Go Team!

BP-124, round travel themed plate
Travel Plate Review

BP-125, Dinosaur
Dinosaur Plate Review

Uberchic Dupes

Succulent Collection

XXL Doughnut plate

XXL Geisha/Sprinkles/Random images plate

XXL Summery/watermelon/popsicles

Mundo De Unas

Disney Princesses 2

Pokemon Go

Other random plates:

SP-005, Assorted Characters

QA57, Mickey Mouse plate

SP-023, Star Wars
BB-8 Standing By

SP-024, Star Wars
Join the Dark Side

XXL Plate, HK-02
Musical Mother's Day

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