Bundle Monster Manis

For people interested in looking at manis based off of specific plates, whether you already own the plates and are looking for inspiration on how to use it, or you are considering buying it and want to see what others have done with it, look no further! This page lists manis that employ plates by Bundle Monster; for MoYou London, click here.

Botanicals Collection

BM-S324, Golden Afternoon

BM-S327, Hands Off
Wild West

BM-S328, Into the Wild
Barn Cat

Kawaii Emoji Collection

BM-XL321, Passport to Cute

BM-XL322, Adorably Delicious

Blogger Collaboration Plates

BM-XL201, Bundle Monster + Elleandish

BM-XL206, Bundle Monster + nailstamp4fun

BM-XL210, Bundle Monster + Sloteazzy
Watermarble Hearts
Neon Beach

BM-XL211, Bundle Monster + Twi_star
Little Fishies
Treasure Chest
The Rainbow Fish
City of Rome
Under the Sea
Rock Hunting: Go Team!
Painted Pebbles

BM-XL212, Bundle Monster + Gotnail
Treasure Chest
Valentine Turtles
Changing Scales

BM-XL213, Bundle Monster + Kelli Marissa
Election Day
Your Princess is in Another Castle
Geometric Galaxies
Tropical Night Sky
Painted Pebbles

BM-XL214, Bundle Monster + nailedthepolish
U is for Unicorn
In Remembrance
Just Be Free

BM-XL217, Bundle Monster + Tanya Wish
Simple Sunday 10/23/16
Blue Floral
Simple Sunday: Spring Daffodils
Easter Lilies
City of Rome
Artichoke Heaven
Farm Life

BM-XL219, Bundle Monster + Amyytran
Trick or Treat
Christmas Preparations
Red and Pink: Valentine's Day

Shape Nouveau Collection

BM-XL501, Back to Basics
90s 4th of July
Simple Sunday- Patriotic

BM-XL502, Squiggle Squd
90s 4th of July
Monkey Business
Painted Pebbles

BM-XL503, Optic Pop
Simple Sunday- Patriotic

BM-XL504, Get with the Program
90s 4th of July
Tropical Lemons

BM-XL505, Off the Grid
90s 4th of July

Polynesia Collection

Moana; Make Way!


Create-Your-Own 2014 Collection

BM-601, Music Geek

BM-602, Pop Art Gamer
Game Night

BM-605- Dreamcatcher
Chameleon Flakies

BM-606, Cupids Arsenal

BM-608, Shattered Footprints

BM-609, Clock Tech

BM-610, Atoms Create

BM-612, Namaste Cobra
Bright Swirls

BM-613, Predator Stare

BM-614, Animals + Sweets

BM-615, Fairytale Creatures

BM-616, Lotus + Flowers

BM-617, Nesting Geishas

BM-619, Keep Calm

Hangloose Collection

BM-S401, Turbulent Seas

BM-S403, Sand + Sea

BM-S404, Beach Bum
Beach Selfies

BM-S406, Fresh Scallops

BM-S407, Tribal Waters

BM-S408, Summer's Bounty

BM-S409, Palms Galore

BM-S410, Beach This Way

Fuzzy and Ferocious Collection

BM-S155, Pretty Birds

BM-S156, Arctic Cuties

BM-S158, Emoji Animals

BM-S161, Cat Person

BM-S162, Feline Lover

BM-S163, Woodland Creatures

BM-S164, Decorated Animals

BM-S166, Sea Creatures

BM-S167, Forrest Life

BM-S169, From Farm to Nail

BM-S170, A Bug's Buffet

Occasions Collection, Christmas + NYE

BM-S211, Oooh! Aaah!
Pioneer Day

BM-S212, NYE Celebration!
New Year's Eve

BM-S213, Let it Snow

BM-S214, For Santa
Christmas Lights

BM-S215, Ugly Sweater
Reindeer Sweater

BM-S216, Holly Jolly

BM-S217, Xmas Spirit

BM-S218, Snowy Forrest

BM-S219, Hung With Care

BM-S220, Winter Wonderland

Occasions Collection, Halloween + Thanksgiving

BM-S201, Ghoushily Evil

BM-S202, Scary Cute

Musik City Collection

BM-S320, Music: So Cool!

Festival Collection

BM-301, Dream Big
Dream Big

BM-S305, Wanderlust
Just Be Free

BM-S306, Constellation Weaver

Holiday Collection- Round Plates

BM-H03, Knitted Mittens Bells + Ornaments
Simple Sunday 12/18/16

BM-H04, St. Patrick's Day Beer, Gold, Clover
St. Patrick's Day

BM-H05, Clover, Assorted Full Nail
St. Patrick's Day

BM-H06, Jack-O-Lanterns Overload
Pop Art Zombies

BM-H07, Witches Webs + Skulls

BM-H08, Evil Eyes Bats + RIP Gravestone
It's Alive!

BM-H10, Easter Eggs and Rabbits
Pastel Eggs in a Basket

BM-H11, Maple Leaf Fall Themes

BM-H12, Thanksgiving Themes + Indian Headdress

BM-H13, Turkey Cornucopia + Thanksgiving
Winter Warmth

BM-H15, Dragon, Chinese New Year
Lunar New Year

BM-H17, Cupid Kisses + Lovebirds
Simple Sunday 3/12/17- Lovebirds

BM-H18, Love is in the Air
In Remembrance

BM-H21, (Baby Shower)
It's A Girl!

BM-H22, Wedding Themes

BM-H23, Graduation Time
Chalkboard on my Nails

BM-H24, Cinco De Mayo
Cinco De Mayo


Secret Garden

BM-706, Dandelion Shimmer

BM-705, Magic Spells

BM-710, Do the Duck Walk

BM-711, Sneaky Tiki

BM-713, Pineapple Peek-a-Boo

BM-715, Hedgehog Hunny Hideout

BM-716, Sitting Under the Sakura

BM-717, Floral Enlightenment

BM-718, Butterfly Wishes

BM-719, Blue Scale

BM-720, Feathery Lullaby

BM-722, Squirrelly Business

BM-724, Don't Get Caught!

Time Machine

BM-XL132, Hipster Qualifications
Hipster Stripes
Mix-tape and Mixed Tape
Earth Day
Motherhood Mani

BM-XL133, Pop Culture Addict
Roses over a Fence
Neon Pop
Calm Forest
Musical Mother's Day
Painted Pebbles

BM-XL134, Outer Space Cadet

BM-XL135, Gilded Revolution 

BM-XL2136, PreHistoria
Lord of the Flies
S is for Squirrel

House of Horrors

BM-S241, Midnight Dreary

BM-S242, It's Witch Craft

BM-S243, Haunting Words

BM-S245, Cabinet of Curiosities
Come With Me

BM-S246, Zombies vs. Icons
Pop Art Zombies

BM-S248, Creating Monsters

BM-S249, Blood Suckers

BM-S250, Mummy's Ka

Work It!

BM-XL179, Cheer-o-cracy
Election Day
Ugly Harry Potter Sweaters
Sodo Mojo

BM-XL182, International Futbol
Soccer Field

BM-XL183, Bats and Cracker Jacks
Sodo Mojo

Shangri la

BM-S102, Everlasting Sun

BM-S103, Hydras
Pantone Color of the year 2017

BM-S109, Geometric Harmony
Simple Sunday 2/12/2017
Basilica de la Sagrada Familia

Mystic Woods

BM-S175, Lost Things
Calm Forest
Sodo Mojo

BM-178, Mythical Scenes
Whimsical Mushrooms

Other Plates


Barn Cat

Around the World: China
Pink Dragons

Pink Dragons

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