Saturday, June 3, 2017

Scorpion in the Sand ft. MoYou London Hipster

Hello Readers!

Today I have a mani for this month's #clairestelle8challenge. This month is a little special, as the challenge is being sponsored by Picture Polish and there are only four prompts instead of eight. The first prompt is a mani inspired by "where you live".  For me, that means the desert!

I started this mani with the Sinful Colors "Beaches and Cream" on my ring/middle fingers. I'm running low on this- I might have to buy another bottle soon which would be a first for me; I've never actually run out of a polish before  besides black and white.

For my pointer/pinky fingers, I thought I would do a gradient but when I actually started sponging it on it was way too light and I realized that the negative space image made it not really matter, so I just did thick stripes with the nail polish brush instead. Easy, since I didn't have to really worry about straight lines.

My cute little scorpion friend comes from the Bundle Monster "Fuzzy and Ferocious" plate, BM-S168. So scorpions are not so warm and fuzzy in real life... ha ha but how could you resist that image? And very appropriate for the region I was in.

My cactus images and the flecks on my middle nail came from this MoYou London "Hipster 16" plate; one of the newer cactus-themed ones. This plate is stinking cute. This particular image was tricky to work with, as you would expect since it's negative space, so I did have to fill it in in a few spots.

The middle nail is just an example of some double stamping- it is two different images that are on the above plate stamped over each other in different colors. The black design is from a different plate- a Born Pretty plate with southwest designs.


  1. So cute!! I hate scorpions so much in real life (especially living where we do - they are one of my biggest fears!) but that little guy is so cute, I think he is my favorite animal on that plate! And I love what you did with the color changing behind the cactus stamp!

    1. I've always been terrified of scorpions too, to tell the truth. Sometimes the scariest animals are the cutest in a cartoon version! I remember we were driving once out in the Dixie,National forest and I saw a GIANT scorpion just making his way across the road; must have been at least six inches long. It gave me the creeps for days and seriously kept me up at night just thinking about it! Just seeing the way it moved... luckily that's been my only encounter with one in the wild. Black widows on the other hand... I've lost track of how many of those I've smashed!