Sunday, July 2, 2017

Simple Sunday 7/2/17- Patriotic Nail Art

Hello Readers!

Since this is the Sunday before the 4th of July, I figured I'd try to do some more subtle patriotic nails for today's Simple Sunday.

You may note that I've changed my nail shape... because one of my nails chipped from the side so I decided to make lemonade and try an oval shaped nail. This summer has been really brutal on my nails, probably because of all the swimming.

So I started with about 3 coats each of the red and  gold polishes. They are both a little sheer, and you can still see my nail line just a little with the red polish, but it seemed good enough. I decided to add some shimmer to the white, so after doing two coats of it I added a coat of "Dripping in Pearls".

I really wanted to try these layering images on the new Bundle Monster Shape Nouveau collection plates, so I used the largest narrow triangle shape and stamped it in white...
...and then layered a pattern from the coordinating plate over it. I didn't place it down quite perfectly, but I feel like it'll do.

The image on my middle nail comes from a MoYou London "Festive" collection plate. I made a simple decal and placed it on the nail.

Do my American readers have any fun plans for the Fourth of July? My town has a little fun carnival set up with some rides, so I think we will go check that out- so excited!


  1. So pretty and perfect for the 4th July. I honestly wish I had your stamping plate collection.
    Vicky x

    1. Thank you! Yeah, the collecting of stamping plates can get to be a bit of an addiction... ha ha but so handy to have lots of choices on hand when you go to create something!

  2. Perfect! My favourite is the middle finger!

  3. I need too some stamping plates with images that can be layered up, I find them interesting and fun. Like your nail art!

    1. Thank you! Yeah, these layering images are so fun to play with! Using a clear stamper makes it so much easier to work with them, too.

  4. The manicure is beautiful. I love how you layered up different designs :)