Friday, July 21, 2017

Born Pretty Store Review: Chameleon Polish and Stamping Polish

**Items reviewed in this post were provided to me by Born Pretty Store in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.**

Hello Readers!

Today I have another couple of reviews for Born Pretty Store- a couple of polishes this time.

So recently, Born Pretty has come out with some chameleon polishes that have a pretty good color shift. This particular one is "Sunset Glow", item #39970, and retails for $4.99.

You can see quite a bit of the color shift in the bottle, although on the nail I mostly see a burgundy color with a very pronounced green color shift. Here's how it looks on the nail:

Now, this polish was pretty easy to use. I have pictured two coats, and was surprised to get pretty good coverage in just one. It did dry with some really tiny bubbles that you can see in the pic, but aren't as obvious in real life, and it has a really lovely shimmer running all throughout it.

With the great coverage I got in one coat, I was hoping this polish would stamp well, but I really was not impressed. It did not show up boldly when stamped and was fairly faint, so I scrapped that idea. However, this is a lovely polish to use as a base color.

The brush in the bottle was quite a bit wider than I am used to, and I wasn't a huge fan of it. It was about as thick as the Sally Hansen Compete Salon Manicure brushes, if you are familiar with those, but had less of a flat shape and more of a bulky round shape, if that makes sense.

The second product I am reviewing in this post is a Born Pretty stamping polish.

This is a stamping polish in the 6ml size, so fairly small, and can be found in this set of colors on the Born Pretty website. (This particular color is #95.) (item #40249)

This currently retails for $2.99.

I have used this polish to stamp the leopard print onto my ring finger nail. Now, the biggest thing I will note about this polish is that it has a pretty distinctive green tone to it. On the website, it looks straight gold to me but there is not a swatch of it so it is hard to tell the exact color.

On my nails, I've paired it with Sinful Colors "Gold Medal" to fill in the tiger shape so you can see exactly what color this stamping polish is. That being said, I think it pairs interestingly with the Chameleon polish since they both have quite a bit of a green tint.

If you decide to try either of these polishes out, you can find the gold stamping polish here and the Chameleon polish here. You can also use my Born Pretty Discount code, RACHX31, for a 10% discount on the Born Pretty website.


  1. They look beautiful together, but bubbles are kind of a deal-breaker.😞

    1. Thank you! Yeah, it's too bad about the little bubbles. They don't bother me on my nails, but they do stand out a bit in the photos because everything is so shiny!

  2. Soooo cute! I love the polish with the stamped nail, it makes for such a beautiful and unique combination. You are ON point with the cute nails this week, I'm loving all the adorability going on!!

    1. Thank you so much! This polish is really fun to wear- I'm a bit mesmerized by watching the color shift as I move my fingers. Ha ha!

  3. I am a big fan of this color shift! Beautiful nail polish!