Friday, August 4, 2017

Crumpets Nail Tarts: Color Explosions ft. MoYou London Mix and Match

Hello Readers!

Today's prompt for the Crumpet's Nail Tart's Challenge is "Color Explosions". When I thought about this prompt, I first associated it with "splats" or paint splatter patterns, but then I decided that neon colors would be an "explosion" of color and decided to go that route.

I also have been wanting to use some plates from MoYou London's new "Mix and Match" collection. Their 90s theme seemed perfect to pair with bright colors for an explosive look!

I started off with a white base. This time I used Essie's "White Page", but I think I still prefer the Sinful Colors white. This white was really runny and required the same number of coats as the Sinful Colors (two).

I picked some fun neons to go onto my decals. I figured since I had a white base, it would be easier to use the neon colors in decals to be placed over it.

Most of my images for this mani came from "Mix & Match 05", which has some really fun palm tree images!

The image on my pointer finger came from "Mix & Match 01". I really love the triangle designs on this plate! So fun for a half moon look with a twist!

The good thing about this mani, is that even though I made a ton of decals for it the decals were so, so easy to do. Most of them were just painting broad straight lines over the back of them with polish straight out of the bottle with the nail polish brush. It went super fast!

Thanks for stopping by today! Be sure to check out more colorful manis in the link-up below!


  1. Super fun Mani! It's like traveling back in time. 😀

    1. Thank you so much! I've been loving all the 90s themed looks lately, so this was really fun to do!

    2. I feel like I need to watch Fresh Prince of Bel Air or something now. :)

  2. You mixed and matched it perfectly!