Saturday, July 30, 2016

Sinful Colors Devil's Stare: Review and Comparison

Hello Readers! Today I have a review of a really fun Sinful Colors polish, "Devil's Stare". This is a jelly polish with gorgeous flakies in it! It's really fun to layer over other polishes, so I have tried layering it over several different drugstore polishes today to show you what it looks like. 

I printed this swatch sheet from the bundlemonster website- it's free to download, and super convenient to use. You can find it, along with many other styles, here:

From left to right, I have layered Devil's Stare over two coats of: ORLY "Red gloss glitter", Essie "Jump in My Jumpsuit", LA Colors "Feverish", and Wet N Wild "Red Red". On the final swatch, I painted 3 coats of Devil's Stare. It wouldn't be opaque on your natural nail on it's own this way, but to get this look you could layer it over white.

Here's another photo that shows some of the shimmer this polish gets in the light:

I really like how it looks over Essie's "Jump in my Jumpsuit". In fact, I think I am going to be trying the combo out in my next manicure, paired with some black polish and stamping!

I think this is a great polish and it adds a really fun look to change up any red polishes you already own.

Happy Polishing!
-The Midnight Stamper

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