Sunday, July 31, 2016

Sinful Colors "Green Ocean": Compare and Review

Hello Readers!

Today I really wanted to play with Sinful Colors "Green Ocean", which is a gorgeous green jelly polish with lots of little flakies. I did some swatches over a bunch of different greens, turquoises, and black, to see what it looks like paired together with them.

I did two coats of each base color, followed by one coat of Green Ocean. This polish really has a great saturation of the little flakies, so if you're using it as a topper one coat is really all you need. 

I printed this chart from Bundle Monster. It's a super helpful free download, and can be found here

Here it is on its own first. This is three coats. If you wanted to get a kind of jelly, translucent look I would recommend starting with a white base because the green jelly in this polish is super sheer.  

So, starting with the lightest swatch, I have Sinful Colors "Kool as a Kukumber" from Kylie Jenner's collection. The flakies are a fun addition to this lighter polish, but I feel like Green Ocean really shines on the darker tones.

This is LA Colors "Meadow", which is available at the Dollar Tree. It has a little more gray in it than "Kool as a Kukumber". I feel like it ends up looking a little washed out. 

This polish is LA Colors "Citron", also available a the dollar tree. I've really been loving this polish lately- it's a neon that doesn't really need a white base coat to become opaque, and it's such a bright and fun color. It kind of has a citrus look with the Green Ocean. It reminds me of limes; it could be fun summer combo.

This polish is Color Mates "Groovy Green". I'm not sure how available it is anymore, but I don't have a lot of greens in this shade so I wanted to show you how it plays off of a more medium color. This kind of seems like a halloween-y look to me; like a witch's nail. Wicked Witch of the West?

Now I have another dollar tree find from a couple years back- there's no color name on the polish but the brand is Nail Pops. It's kind of a teal with a little more gray in it, and it's really pretty though the formula isn't the best (streaky). Still, I love how Green Ocean looks over this dark teal. You could substitute a similar teal polish, and it would make a great combo for mermaid nails. I think I will be trying that out soon!

Another teal, but a bit brighter: LA Colors "Atomic", currently available at the Dollar Tree. 

Here's a gorgeous color: Wet N Wild Wild Shine in "Carribean Frost". Because this is already a metallic polish, the shine from the flakies add even more dimension for a really pretty effect. Another great mermaid combo.

Now to go a bit darker, I have Revlon Colorstay Gel Envy in "High Stakes". This one is probably my second favorite. The darker shade helps the flakies really pop off of the nail.

Finally, my favorite- plain old black. Green Ocean really stands out over black, because the green flakies aren't hiding and competing with green polish underneath. This would be a really pretty combo for a galaxy themed mani. 

Overall, I think Green Ocean is a super fun, easy to use topper that can really transform the look of polishes you already have in your collection and give them new life. Try it out on your favorite colors and see what happens!

Happy Polishing!
-The Midnight Stamper

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