Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Patriotic Election Day Nails

Hello Readers!

As my American friends probably know, today is a special day over in the United States as it is the day a lot of us will be voting to elect out next president! Now, this is not going to be a political post. *hahahahaha* Nope, not going to disclose who I am voting for in what I personally feel is one of the worst elections ever. Instead, I am going to encourage everyone to get out there and vote by posting these 'merica nails.

So let's get straight into the polishes I used here:

I do wish that the "red" stamping polish was more red and less pink, but not so much that I was willing to re-do it. I did a base of Snow Me White and then applied one coat of Hello Halo over it to add some shimmer, though you can't really see it in the photos.

I used the new blogger collab space-themed plate for my star background behind my eagle. I absolutely love this stamp and it's the main reason I bought this plate:

I also used the small star in the bottom right corner for my pointer/pinky fingers because I felt like they needed a little something.
For the eagle, I made a simple decal from this Bundle Monster plate, from the original holiday collection:
And finally, I got my lettering from this plate from the Bundle Monster "work it" collection:
A good alphabet set always seems to come in handy.

Well, I hope everyone in the US gets out and votes!

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