Friday, November 25, 2016

ABC Nail Art Challenge: Y is for Yesteryear

Hello Readers!

For the penultimate challenge in the ABC Nail Art group, I decided to go with "Yesteryear" and do a 20's inspired mani. My original catchphrase was going to be "years of yore", but then I thought "yesteryear" made a little more sense.

I was excited to try out this polish from the Kyle Jenner collection that I found at the Dollar Tree a little bit ago. It is so lovely and shimmery and a perfect winter shade, since we are getting into the winter months now.

My 20s plate is a dupe of a  MoYou London plate from the time traveler collection:

One thing I was kind of surprised by was how difficult it was to get the darn beads straight on my nail! It's also such an intricate design and the dots are really, really small so this design really does need a good stamping polish or it won't want to show up. I added a small rhinestone to my flapper girl's headband because I felt like it was begging for some bling right there.

I was excited to play with this plate from aliexpress also, which I used for the background images stamped in gold:

This plate is *kind of* a dupe for uberhcic, and I say kind of because the images are the same as images found on uberchic plates, but they are all mixed from different plates so it isn't a dupe of any particular plate. The seller on aliexpress originally came out with uberchic dupes but there was drama so they decided to change the layout, mix things around, and re-release the plates. I had fallen in love with the doughnut images on this plate the first time around so I grabbed it when it came back on, but I'm pretty sure they are all gone now.

Be sure to check out some more "y"- themed manicures in the link-up! Just one more letter until this challenge comes to a close! 



  1. Very nice mani! I own the uberchic kinda-dupe as well; it's very well-etched, isn't it?