Sunday, November 6, 2016

Simple Sunday 11/6 featuring Bundle Monster Fuzzy and Ferocious

Hello Readers!

It's Sunday again, so that means another more formal manicure for wearing to church! Today's manicure features a very lovely plate from Bundle Monster's Fuzzy and Ferocious collection. The plate has some lovely animals in an Art Deco style. I decided to pair these images with darker polishes today to give a fall vibe.

I decided to make the rabbit pop a little more by layering a decal over the basic stamping image. I basically just stamped the image onto my nail in gold, and stamped it again and removed all the decorations around the rabbit, colored it in, then stamped it over the original image.

Here is my color scheme, using an OPI that I found at my Dollar Tree recently. When I was there yesterday, I noticed they still had one of these left so if you are wanting to get a $1 OPI there is still hope. 

Here's a peek at the plate I used:

I was originally going to use the deer image, but then I realized that with these colors a deer would make this mani lean very Christmas-y, and it's not quite late enough in the year for that, ha ha!


  1. Oh what a fabulous plate and I love how you've used it! The accent nail is just adorable! <3

    1. Thank you! The style of this plate is very lovely. :)