Sunday, November 13, 2016

Simple Sunday 11/13: Mona Lisa Smile

Hello Readers!

It's Sunday again, and today I have a mani born from my quest to try every stamping plate in my collection at least once. I've had this plate on my list for a while, but with being sidetracked by halloween last month and challenges this month, I am finally getting around to trying it out.

This plate is actually a dupe for a MoYou London plate that I found on aliexpress. Unfortunately my light bulb in my lamp died last night just as I was about to take a picture, and for the life of me I couldn't get it to photograph with all its fine lines. So I don't have a pic of the actual plate this time, but here is a look at the MoYou London plate that it based off of:

The biggest difference between the two plates is that the pattern I used on my nails is the reverse image of the pattern on the real MoYou London plate. All of the images on the dupe stamped really well, although you can notice a few bald spots in the fluer de lis images, it doesn't really bother me. 

I also used another plate from aliexpress that is similar to a MoYou London plate from the artist collection:

I used the bottom right image and then felt like it needed some black, so I added black rhinestones to the design. I like to use an eyeliner pencil to do this; the wax in the pencil makes it easy to pick up the tiny pieces and place them. If you don't want to risk getting eyeliner on the gems, they do sell wax pick-up pencils for this purpose.

So when I was on my weekly dollar tree run yesterday, I found a whole tub full of Sinful Colors Kylie Jenner polishes. I was so excited! They had six different colors from the Trend Matters line, so I picked up one of each. The "Mauve On" featured in this mani was from that small haul. :) It has a subtle shimmer to it that is really pretty. I stamped with the LA Colors "perfect plum" on every finger but my ring finger, and it turns out to be a pretty good stamping polish that is also available at the dollar tree right now. 


  1. Why are my Dollar Trees so lame? I never find cool things like discount Sinful Colors. Anyway, fun mani! I'm just glad I own all the nail plates you used this time. You are a bad influence making me covet more of them. :).

    1. Ha ha! I know, I'm a terrible plate hoarder. It's hard to hold back when you can get them for a buck off aliexpress! Then later I tell myself I do not need any more plates, that is until Christmas time rolls around...

  2. That's a shame that your light went before pictures! It lis a really beautiful manicure though! Stamping pro :)