Friday, November 4, 2016

ABC Challenge: V is for Venosaur

Ok Pokemon fans, I know what you're thinking: that's no Venosaur. And you're right, and I know it, and I am ashamed. What you have here is a Bulbasaur who very much wants to grow up to be a Venosaur someday. But because Bulbasaur doesn't start with "V", we're going with Venosaur for the title here. Hope it isn't too much of a stretch.

But I was just so excited to try out my new Pokemon Go plate from Mundo De Unas that I had to do it, so I hope you will forgive me. Here are the polishes I used:

I am kicking myself now for not stamping the clouds behind the "Pokemon Go" logo! Kind of a missed opportunity there, but life goes on.

Here's a look at the super-fun pokemon plate:

A couple of things about this plate: it bugs me a little bit that there are 3 nearly identical squirtles on this plate. Why. Still, this plate is awesome for any pokemon geeks! The images picked up easily, thought I haven't tested the images with more open space like Team Rocket image to see how they pick up yet. 

Hope you enjoyed this mani, and be sure to check out the other manis inspired by the letter "v" in the link-up!