Wednesday, March 15, 2017

30 Days of Color Challenge: The Green Outdoors ft. MoYou London Scandi Collection

Hello Readers!

Today's post is for the 30 Days of Color Challenge, and this week's prompt is "Green". I decided to go for literal and figurative interpretations of this prompt and do a nature-themed mani featuring the color green, and giving myself a chance to play around more with the Scandi collection.

...and also to play around with the Sinful Colors "Stoned Crystal Shimmer" collection, which I really have been loving this spring. In fact, this mani almost exclusively uses polishes from that collection with the exception of the black polish I used for stamping.

Most of the polishes in this collection require at least 3 coats; the darker ones require only two if you put them on thickly, but these polishes in general tend to have a somewhat runny formula. I used a few  "unused" polishes for the 30 Days of Color Challenge on this mani- the green, "Super Cooper", I actually was excited to spot last night at Albertsons of all places- I haven't seen it at Walgreens at all. This was also my first time using "Clay Me" and "Gotta Terra Cotta".

My mountains and camping image come from the Scandi-01 plate. This plate is seriously amazing. I love all the different themes on it- the castle, the beach images, even a double decker bus! And the surfboards leaning against the van! Also the rocket ship is super cute.

I paired the camping images with this other Scandi collection plate, because it has all these useful little patterns that work so well with all the themed images. I recently posted another mani that uses exclusively this plate, if you are interested in seeing it in action.

Thanks for stopping by today! Be sure to visit the other blogs in the link-up to see more green-themed manis!


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    1. Thank you! I love doing themed manis- they are always fun to me.

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    1. Thank you! :) These Scandi images are so fun to do landscapes with!

  3. These are so fun! Love how you used all of those polishes!

    1. Thank you! It was fun to put these colors together- since they were part of the same collection it makes it super easy.