Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Clairestelle8: "Swirls" ft. Bundle Monster Kawaii Emoji

Hello Readers!

Today I have a post for the #Clairestelle8 challenge group on Instagtam, and the prompt is "swirls". Because I've been itching to play with the new Kawaii Emoji collection by Bundle Monster, I decided to pair my swirls with some adorable nail polish themed images from that collection:

I also did a little dry brush gradient for my pointer and pinky fingers to go behind the swirls.

I started with a base of the LA Colors "Citron". I really love this color. It's a little bit concerning when you first start to put it on because it looks super patchy on the first two coats, but the third coat is magic and that's how many coats I put on today.

I used the Revlon Parfumerie polish "Ginger Melon" to do a dry brush gradient on my pointer and pinky fingers. This was my first time doing it this way; I normally use a sponge but I didn't have one handy and I figured it would be a good time to try this technique out. I did enjoy doing it this way; it was quite a bit less messy than the sponge method.

The adorable little polish bottles and stamper head images come from this Bundle Monster plate, from the new Kawaii Emoji collection. This plate is so stinkin cute and I have seen a lot of people using it on Instagram already.

I got my swirls from this MoYou London Pro collection plate. I liked how thick these swirls were and felt they would match up well with the bold kawaii images I was using from the other plate.

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