Saturday, August 27, 2016

Simple Sunday 8/27

Hello Readers!

I am here today with another Simple Sunday Manicure, this time featuring a new limited edition Sinful Colors polish, "Shell Out".

I noticed this with a display of six or eight (can't remember exactly) limited edition colors that all have an iridescent shine to them. They are $2.99 each, so a dollar more than the normal Sinful Colors Polishes. There are a lot of really pretty colors in this line, but this one is my favorite. It's hard to capture on camera, but it has a very subtle green shimmer in it when the light hits it that is so lovely. 

You can kind of see it here:
For my stamping today I used a Bundle Monster plate from the Secret Garden Collection, Hedgehog Hunny Hideout.
The image on the left side has been begging me to use it since I got this collection; it is so pretty and perfect for filling in with reverse stamping! I filled it in with Sinful Colors "Pink Smart" and "Innocent" (a spring green) first, then filled the rest in with more "Shell Out". 

Finally, I used a nail charm from a wheel I purchased off of Ali Express. I like buying the nail charm wheels because they give you a good variety of accents for just a couple of dollars. They seem to come and go frequently on the website so different ones are always up there. This particular charm set I wasn't as impressed with as some of the other ones. I like how it looks on camera, but it has a little bit too high of a profile for my liking and most of the charms in the set were plastic. 

I hope you enjoyed this mani, and until next time, Happy Polishing!
-The Midnight Stamper


  1. I am not really fan of any shades of Pink or red but the base polish is very pretty. Love the shimmer on it. The stamping is g\gorgeous like always :)

    1. I tend not to gravitate towards pinks and reds as well, but I try to be more traditional for Sunday, ha ha! The base polish has a lot of purple in it, so it is kind of almost not pink.