Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Holiday cheer mani ft. Born Pretty emoji plate

Hello Readers!

Today's manicure is to celebrate the excitement that I- and my children- are feeling right now with Christmas just around the corner! My kids had their last day of school before the break yesterday, so the excitement is in full swing over here.

I feel like the starry-eyed smiley sums it up nicely. 

My base color for this mani is a new polish from the Kandee Johnson line that I picked up at Walgreens. It is called "mint chip" and has a lovely satin finish that I am not showing in this mani because I did use a glossy topcoat. I was also trying out a new stamping polish today, just the Born Pretty store black. I love how pigmented it is! Unfortunately it did smudge even though it was completely dry when I added topcoat. ;( Also, I noticed that because it is so pigmented it is harder to remove from my skin. I could make this easier by using liquid latex so maybe next time I'll have to break that out. 

So my stamping plate for this mani is from Born Pretty Store, and has lots of super fun emoji images on it:

I was excited to see this plate on the Born Pretty website, because I have been eyeing the emoticon plates from MoYou London's geek line, but I kind of felt like I maybe didn't need quite so many different emojis. Their plates have an entire plate of single emojis that are all the same size, and another plate with the smaller emojis in the full nail image. I like this plate because it mixes full nail images of smaller emojis with the larger images, if that makes sense. So I only have to buy one plate and I'm all set!

I also used this Christmas typography plate to stamp behind the decal on my middle finger, though it's kind of hard to see, because I wanted to add a little bit of Christmas to the design: