Sunday, February 26, 2017

Simple Sunday 2/26/17- Nails inspired by my dress

Hello Readers!

Today is Sunday, which means I have my weekly Simple Sunday post. If you're new here, every Saturday night I do my nails up with something a little more traditional, or formal, that I can feel comfortable wearing to church on Sunday.

For today's Simple Sunday I am trying something a bit different; my nails today were inspired by the dress I wore. I actually had something totally different planned out, but then I realized they were going to clash terribly with the dress I wanted to wear. I decided to take inspiration from the dress so that they would match and ended up with this:

It's based off of the patterns at the bottom of the dress:

Now, they don't match exactly because I didn't have stamping plates that were going to be a "perfect" fit, so it is more inspired by it than a duplication of the patterns. Also, the dress features a lovely mustard yellow color that I just didn't have in my stash, so I decided that this gold color would be the next best thing.

It isn't a great stamper, so I picked an image that had a lot of solid space so I could stamp over it with black instead of trying to stamp with the gold.

Here's a look at me in my dress with my matching nails:
I just really love this dress. I like going thrift shopping because I always find awesome clothes at my local thrift store, and this is one I found yesterday when I was out so I was excited to get to wear it today. The style of it reminds me of Flamenco-style dresses, only toned way down and kind of "modernized". I'm not really a big fashionista, so I don't really know anything about the proper terms for these sorts of things, but I just like it.

My images come from this UR-Beautiful plate, which supposedly is a dupe for Uberchic plates. There were a whole bunch of them on Aliexpress last year, and I think you still might be able to find some there once in a while, but the maker changed around the images after the first batch so they would be less dupe-y, or so the rumors went. In any case, I've found these plates to be etched really well.

Do you ladies ever match your nails to an outfit? It's not something I have ever done before, but lately I've been enjoying taking inspiration from fashion and I did enjoy doing this. I still probably won't ever do it except for Sundays or really special occasions, though- I normally don't plan that far ahead. ;)


  1. Love these nails and agree they match the dres perfectly. I think you patterns you chose were fab, they're so pretty and super detailed.
    Vicky xx