Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Clairstelle8: Chocolate ft. Bundle Monster Kawaii Emoji

Hello Readers!

Today's post is another fill for the #Clairestelle8challenge over in instagram, and this time the prompt is "chocolate". I struggled with coming up with a theme for this a little bit, but I finally settled on chocolate cupcakes.

I thought it would also be fun to do little splashes of melted chocolate, since we all know it can get a little bit messy, especially in the warmer weather!

I started off with 3 coats of Sinful Colors "Unicorn". I also decided to use the Revlon Parfumerie "Chocolate Truffle" polish (for the darkest stamping) to make my mani also *smell* like chocolate!

My full-nail cupcake image comes from this Bundle Monster "Kawaii Emoji" plate. So many cute sweets!

My little chocolate splashes were taken from this MoYou London "Artist" collection plate. I love this plate- I never have a problem with the pick-up, even with those large open images.

Finally, I used this MoYou London "Rebel" collection plate for the "I love cupcakes" image on my middle finger. I decided to make the chocolate splashes lighter on this nail so that my stamping would stand out over it, so I used a different brown to stamp them in.


  1. Chocolate! Now that is theme I can get behind. I think the color scheme makes it feel like a vintage advertisement. 😀

    1. Thank you! Ha ha yeah whats not to like about chocolate, right? 😉