Saturday, April 22, 2017

30 DOC/Clairestelle8: Earth Day

Hello Readers!

Today I am double-dipping it on my post because two of the challenges I am participating in happen to have the same prompt, which is "Earth Day". I kind of wanted to do a mani about recycling for this prompt, but I didn't have images of traditional recyclable materials, so I decided to go with more unusual items that you may not have known can be recycled.

For example, eyeglasses, computers, and tennis shoes. I actually looked up an article and did research for this mani, ha ha, and I found this awesome list of unusual items that you probably didn't know could be recycled. I like how it also gives contact information for organizations that will help you recycle these items.

For this mani, I started off with a base of "Mint Sorbet", since obviously I was going for a "green" theme and this polish is fairly easy to work with. I put on two coats of that. My "unused" polish for the 30-Days of Color challenge is the Kandee Johnson "Licorice" polish, which I decided to use for stamping on my nails because  I wanted the message on my ring finger to be the darkest, most prominent stamping on the design.

Behind the message on my ring finger I did a little reverse stamping with this plate, which is a dupe I bought off of Aliexpress. The original plate is by MoYou London, as part of their "Greek Mythology" collection. I used the little globe and I stamped it in the light gray color so that it would kind of fade into the background and not compete too much with what I was going to stamp over it.

My glasses and sneaker images come from this plate from the MoYou London "Hipster" collection.

The circuit board pattern is taken from this Bundle Monster "Time Machine" collection plate. Oddly, circuit board patterns are something I seem to have a lot of. I probably have 8 different ones on different plates. I guess it's a popular image. ;)

Now, I don't actually have a phrase on a plate that says "keep calm and recycle", so I had to kind of Frankenstein it together. My recycle image comes from this MoYou London "Hipster" plate, and the "Keep Calm" part came from the Time Machine plate pictured above. I simply chose the image at the top of the plate, put polish just over the "Keep Calm and" part and swiped up so it didn't get over anything else. Of course, if you do happen to get some stray marks you can pick them up with some tape or a lint roller, but it's even easier if you don't have to do that.

...and that sums up the million plates I used in this mani, ha ha. Be sure to check out more Earth Day manis in the link-up below or on instagram under #clairestelle8april.


  1. I knew glasses could be repurposed, but recycling shoes? Huh! I think circuit boards are to showing we're modern as gears are to steampunk. I have so many plates with gears and, sucker that I am, I keep buying more.

    1. I was surprised about the shoes, too! Yeah, I think you are right about the circuit boards. A symbol of the modern computer era.

  2. love the ring finger. I didn't knew shoes could be recycled :)

    1. Thank you! I'm glad that I surprised you with that fact. :)

  3. Gorgeous mani and so cute to theme it around things that can be recycled!
    Vicky x