Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Pastel Eggs in a Basket ft. Bundle Monster Holiday Collection

Hello Readers!

Today's post is for the 30 Days of Color Challenge, where we are encouraged to pull out our unused polished to create a mani inspired by a weekly prompt. This week's prompt is "pastels", and in honor of the upcoming holiday and because I only have 2 plates left on my "unused plate" list and I wanted to cross one off, I decided to go "Easter" for this prompt.

In case you were wondering, the Easter egg pattern was on the unused plate. I've used the basket weave stamp a few times before.

I picked a very pastel palette, and decided to try to stamp with lighter colors to play up the pastel... ness... of my mani. The "Pink Pineapple" polish was my unused color for this mani. I found this recently at the Dollar Tree when they put a million of those Revlon Parfumarie polishes out- mine still has quite a few left. This polish had a kind of crelly formula and I put about 4 coats of it on.

My Easter egg image comes from this plate, which is part of the Bundle Monster "Holiday" collection. I originally thought it would be pretty to do all my stamping in gold, but after I finished the reverse stamping it looked pretty washed out so I stamped over it with white. I tried to line it up, but it's a bit offset. *shrugs shoulders* I'm going to pretend that's what I was going for here.

My basket weave pattern is also from the Bundle Monster Holiday collection. I used this around Thanksgiving for a very different look, but here I thought it would be fun to layer it over a pastel color to give an Easter Basket look. 

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  1. Very pretty, Easter and pastels go so well together and I love the designs you used. I really need to get some Easter nails done!
    Vicky x

    1. Thank you! It seems like pastels and Easter were made for each other- it's hard to imagine Easter without them!

  2. Oh I love this nail art, the pastel works so beautifully for the Easter theme! I have to agree with Aneta, great selection of pastels! :)