Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Barn Cat ft. MoYou London Animal

Hello Readers!

Today's prompt is "farm life", and no farm is complete without a cat in the barn to chase the mice away from the food! 

My inspiration for this mani started this newer MoYou London Animal 14 plate- so many cute cat images! I'm a cat person for sure, so I couldn't help picking this up to add to my vast library of feline images.

 My ring finger nail started out white with the cat face stamped over it and "meow" below, but it felt a little too simple so I painted a swatch of yellow onto my mat and stamped the face over it, waited for it to dry and used scissors to cut a straight line under it and apply it over my nail.

 Then I stamped a vine pattern from MoYou London's Mother Nature 16 plate on the seam between my yellow and white polishes. I'm thinking now it might have been better in gray instead of blue, or maybe just left out altogether. 

My little mouse faces come from the MoYou London Animal 08 plate. I really love the animal collection- they have so many stinkin cute images! I've already used the turtles on this plate as well as the bunnies on the tree trunks

The image for the hay stamped behind my mice comes from a Bundle Monster plate, BM-XL17. This was one I got in the grab bag sale recently, and it's a good one. I feel like this image in particular (bottom row, second to last) would also be great yarn or spaghetti. I also love the cascading line image (2nd image on top row). 

Final plate to show you- this one is from the newer Bundle Monster "Botanicals" collection, and in fact I used a different woodgrain image from this on my last mani as well. 


  1. It feels a little disloyal to say this, but those little mouse faces are so cute! (Don't tell my cat I said that)

    1. ha ha yeah, they are so itty bitty! I had to put the tiniest little dot of pink polish in to fill their ears in!

  2. I love the play on the farm theme. As always the manicure very interesting. Love those cute little mouse :)

    1. Thank you! I love the little mice, too- they are one of the tiniest things I have ever colored in!