Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Wild West mani ft. MoYou London x Amit, Bundle Monster Botanicals

Hello Readers!

Today's mani was inspired by a prompt on instagram for the Clairestelle8 challenge, which has always been one of my favorites. The prompt is "Wild West", which was timely because I've been itching to try out some of the cactus images on my new plates. Apparently I'm a sucker for cacti, because I bought 3 or 4 plates that were full of them recently.

I mean, they're a popular trend right now, but I mostly love them because there are a lot of cacti in the desert where I live. So it always seems appropriate to me.

My ring finger image is from this Amit/MoYou London plate (01) that has a lot of cactus images. I seriously love the little cow skull on this image though! Definitely unique to my collection.

For my pointer/pinky fingers, I colored some of these gorgeous cactus buffet images from the Bundle Monster "Botanicals" collection. I had been eyeing this collection ever since I've been getting back on the nail art wagon, but what made me pull the trigger was that Bundle Monster was having a 4th of July sale and also has plate grab bags- 20 XL plates for $20- and I wanted to see what came in it!

In case you're curious, it was mostly the generic XL image plates with XL versions of the older round plates, along with quite a few plates from the Polynesia collection and a few blogger collab plates and an around the world plate- at least that's what came in mine. I did get an accidental duplicate but I contacted customer service and they're sending me one to replace the duplicate; I was really pleased with the customer service.

Finally, my middle finger image is from MoYou London Hipster 16. I've had this plate for a while, and I thought that it would be a perfect source for a pattern to go along with my theme.

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