Sunday, February 19, 2017

Simple Sunday 2/19/2017, with new Sinful Colors Stoned Crystal Shimmer

Hello Readers!

Today I am very excited to finally be trying out a polish from a new Sinful Colors collection that I have been trying to get my hands on for weeks. I finally spied it at Walgreens, and somehow half of it was already gone but I managed to grab up a few of the colors. This is the "Stoned Crystal Shimmer" collection, which has some pretty unusual shades that all have little shimmery flakies in them:

So here I used the color "Just Deserts", which is kind of the perfect nude color for my skin tone, so I was excited about that. I've been searching for a good nude for me for a while; nothing ever seems to be quite right but  I like this one a lot. I have two coats for the nude base on my pointer and pinky fingers here, though a lot of YouTubers said they needed 3 coats of this polish.

I used a stud on my middle nail and ended up painting over it for a subtle look.... I'm a little on the fence about whether I like how this looks or not.

I also found "Off Tropic" in the clearance bin of my Walgreens a couple of weeks ago. I'm always excited when I find polish in Walgreens' clearance bins because they always have really great clearance prices, unlike some other retailers I know... *cough cough TARGET*  This polish was a true one-coater for me, which is always awesome, and also means it's probably an awesome polish to stamp with.

I did something a little bit different for this mani, because yesterday I didn't have a design in mind or a specific plate I really wanted to use, so to find inspiration I flipped through the pages of a VOUGE copy that I recently received. I thought this picture would be fun to translate to nail art so that is what this mani is based off of. MoYou London has been posting all kinds of fashion-inspired manis this week and it made me want to try it out too! It was really fun to do so I may try basing a mani off of fashion again next time I'm feeling uninspired. 

My lacy patterns that I stamped over the nude base come from this Bundle Monster plate from the first blogger collab that they did. 

My roses also came from a Bundle Monster plate, this time from the Secret Garden collection. The roses on the right side of the plate here are kind of small, but as you can see it is possible to get a full nail image out of them. I used the pretty florals on the left side of the plate as a full nail image in another Simple Sunday mani awhile ago, also on shorter nails.


  1. Very pretty mani, I love the combo of designs.
    Vicky xx

  2. Really pretty combination and I really love the lacenails!

    1. Thank you! I think e lace nails are my favorite part of this mani. :)