Tuesday, May 30, 2017

And Now For Something Completely Different; Accidental Freehand

Hello Readers!

Today's post was born as a #clairestelle8challenge post, and became something totally unexpected for me. The prompt was "spring flowers", and I feel like I've done a lot of spring floral manis and was fresh out of inspiration for that prompt, so I decided to go browsing on google images and found some really beautiful stuff. I fell in love with a watercolor image but didn't think I had much of a prayer of replicating it using stamping, so I decided to set a course of "assisted freehand", where I basically paint over stamped images.

...this is how it turned out. I'm not sure if this is ok or not, lol. I think it's ok, but freehand florals are not something I really have enough experience in to decide this. In any case, I'm not totally in love with how it...

Find this painting at dreamstime

Here is the beautiful inspiration piece. I fell in love with it and decided it was worth going out on a limb for. Of course, the flowers here are watercolor and I did not attempt a watercolor technique with this mani, so that's a big difference.

Also, I used a million polishes in this mani. Too many to list them all out, I think. So I'm featuring what I used for the background.

I started with two coats of Strawberry Milk on my pointer/pinky fingers, and three of Lemon Heaven on my ring/middle. Then I used cut up pieces of sponge to add more of those colors plus Silhouette until I had a background that somewhat resembled the watercolor. I added a layer of Pinksicle over that to blend the colors as well as add some shimmer.

Bundle Monster Secret Garden
Bundle Monster Secret Garden

So for my "assisted" part of the freehand, I stamped a couple of flower images with white polish over my background. I thought I would just trace over them with the polish. I ended up ignoring them for the most part, however, as they were hard to see, especially where they overlapped. BUT, I did find them helpful to create the profile-view flowers sticking out from the top, as well as for a guide to show me what area of the nail I wanted the flowers to cover.

 So, there you go: my first attempt at a sort of free-hand floral. What do you guys think?


  1. So pretty, I love the colours here and you did a great job creating a mani from that inspiration picture.
    Vicky x