Sunday, October 23, 2016

Challenge Your Nail Art: Fall Flowers

Hello Readers!

I'm excited to bring you today's entry for the "Challenge Your Nail Art" group on Facebook, which is inspired by fall flowers. I thought the MoYou London Trend Hunter plate would be a perfect jumping off point for this prompt, since it has lots of fall flowers against different backgrounds, including plaid which is a great match for fall themes.

Here are my polishes and plates for this manicure:

I did a double-stamping technique for the plaid look, using two of the different plaid images from the Born Pretty Store plate.  I stamped the first in the gold polish, and the overlapped it with a coordinating image from the plate in black polish. For the sunflower image, I simply made a decal with the MoYou London Trend Hunter plate using the sunflower and plaid image.

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