Thursday, October 27, 2016

Challenge Your Nail Art: Fall/Halloween Colors

Hello Readers!

For today's CYNA prompt I decided to do a Halloween color scheme of purple and green instead of orange and black.  This was mostly because I really wanted to use this plate because I thought the jars of body parts were oddly cute in a creepy Halloween way.

See what I mean? Maybe I'm the only one who thinks those jars are kind of cute, but that's ok. I still love them. :P I am also loving the way the thumb turned out. 

A word of warning about this look, though: this is what my nails looked like immediately after finishing the mani, but just a few hours later the colors on the jars of things have faded severely. I should have known better than to do advanced stamping over this particular polish (Call Me by Sinful Colors) because the same thing happened the last time. I thought if I backed the decal with white it would stand out better, but actually what is happening is the polishes in the decal are somehow blending with the Call Me polish. It's really sad, because I really loved this look. 


Ok, now that I got that out of the way I want to talk a little bit about decals and lettering on stamps. If you look super closely, you might notice that the word "brain" on the jar is backwards. That's because I forgot that if you stamp onto your silicone mat to do decal work, any lettering you do is going to end up being backwards. If you want to make a decal out of a stamp with lettering, it's best to keep it on your stamper head. Then it won't be backwards when you stamp it on. Luckily I remembered to do that when I filled in the "It's Alive" stamp. 

Here is my color palette for this mani:

And the main stamping plate I used, from the new Bundle Monster "House of Horrors" Halloween collection:
This plate has the potential for some macabre manicures. check out the bag of eyeballs, ha ha! Not sure if I will ever go that gory because it might freak out my kids. The bloody hand print is also a really cool image. This is also a cool plate for science inspired manis, with the DNA helix and chemical diagram, and of course the anatomy inspired images. 

I also used this plate from the original Bundle Monster Holiday collection:

I used the hands image to stamp behind the "It's alive" image on my thumb. I've seen a lot of awesome manis done with the images on this plate- it's kind of a classic. 

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