Monday, October 17, 2016

Challenge Your Nail Art: Orange

Hello Readers!

For the 'orange' prompt for the October Challenge Your Nail art prompts, I decided to go in the direction of a Halloween classic: candy corn. I ran into a few technical issues along the way, and while I'm not crazy about the end result, I thought the idea was fun so here it is:

My main frustration with this mani was my stamping polish. I was hoping for a vibrant orange when I stamped it over the black, but it ended up kind of muddy. I used  "Teepee Tipping" which is a Bundle Monster polish intended for stamping. I also used it to stamp the candy corn, and the "eat me" star, and in those cases I was able to get a better saturation of it because I was doing a decal and I backed it with white polish. However, it wasn't really possible to do that on those faces. I could have painted those nails orange and stamped over it in black, but I was hoping for a pumpkin look. In the end I decided to keep it, if only to show you guys what it looks like so you don't go stamping this orange over black hoping for a deeply saturated look. 

Here are my supplies for this mani:

Those faces are from a MoYou London plate (top), from the Alice in Wonderland collection. They are intended to be the Cheshire Cat's grin, but I thought they would be fun for a Halloween theme. The "eat me" stamp also is from MoYou London "Alice in Wonderland". My candy corn nail was painstakingly pieced together from those two little candy corn images on the gingerbread house plate, which is a MoYou Dupe. 

I placed the rhinestones in hopes of pulling a deeper saturated orange tone; I wish they were a darker orange to match the candy corn but this was the best I had in my stash.


  1. This looks awesome! I ove the little studs you used too, suits the whole manicure and looks like little candies! I always think it is so clever when people can combine so many different stamping patterns, I can barely do one!! xx

    1. Thank you! Mixing and matching is one of my favorite parts of stamping.