Sunday, October 23, 2016

Simple Sunday 10/23/16 with Bundle Monster + Tanya Wish plate

Hello Readers!

Every Sunday, I post a Simple Sunday nail art post where I go back to a more classic, formal nail look rather than the crazy, cutesy, or kitschy stuff I usually like to post. :) I like to have my nails be church appropriate and I also like to do something more "pretty" once a week. This week I am really excited to be using a new Bundle Monster plate from the Blogger Collaboration that was released recently. This plate was designed by Tanya Wish, and features some really lovely floral designs that I thought would be perfect for Sunday nails. I bought this plate during the awesome buy-2-get-1-free deal a couple of weeks back.

Here I've used the rose design and filled it in with just a couple of polishes. I painted a little round stud with the same polish I used on my pointer/thumb/pinky fingers- Sinful Colors "Soul Mate", which is a lovely dusty, rosy pink. On my middle finger is Sinful Colors "Krop Top" from the Kylie Jenner line, and it does have a textured finish to it. 

Here is a look at the beautiful plate I used:

I just love the variety of the flower images on here. The second image on the bottom is the one I used for this mani, and if you look closely you will notice that I only fit a small portion of it onto my nail. These floral images are the XL size, so if you have shorter nails it is possible to vary the look of the flowers on your nails by shifting the placement and part of the image you use. I used the two medium sized roses together, but I could have also used the larger rose image towards the top of the image. You can play around with it a little to get the look you want, which is fun. I love a little bit of flexibility!

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