Saturday, October 15, 2016

Challenge Your Nail Art: Ghosts

Hello Readers!

For the "ghosts" prompt of the Challenge Your Nail Art October challenge, I decided to revisit a concept I used in the 31-Day challenge and do a pop-art inspired theme. I'm not sure that it turned out very pop-arty, but I still really like it. :) Also, they glow in the dark because glow in the dark polish is fun, especially for Halloween themes.

Sorry about the bad quality for the glow-in-the-dark picture, but dang it, it's hard to take pictures in the pitch black! 

I've kind of been getting into a habit lately of using ALL THE NAIL PLATES to create my manis, but hey, that's why I've amassed a large collection of them, right, so I can do whatever I want? Right?

So here are the steps I took to make this:

1. Start with Sinful Colors "Snow Me White" for a base, 2 coats.
2. Stamp solid shapes over that with Revlon Parfumarie's "Orange Blossom" using this MoYou London plate:

3. Go over all your nails with glow-in-the dark polish (before the stamping so when they glow the stamping will still show)
4. Add decal to ring finger made with the awesome frame images at the bottom of this MoYou London Typography plate:

5. Add ghost decal over the frame decal, from MoYou London Emoji plate from the Geek Collection:

6. Stamp middle finger with the eyes from MoYou London Hipster Collection plate:

I picked the eyes because eyes are a classic Halloween theme, and since this mani is more cute than creepy I liked the stylized ones on this plate.

7. Stamp thumb, pointer, pinky with this dupe plate, which matches a plate from the MoYou London Fairytale collection:

I used the swirly part in the upper left-hand corner because it reminded me of whispy ghosty smoke. 

Now, I want to take a moment here to appreciate the difference in opacity between the black stamping on my ring vs the other fingers. My ring stamping is done using the classic wet 'n wild Black Creme, but the other fingers were stamped with an LA Colors black polish, but it was in a rectangular instead of a round bottle. I'm kind of amazed at the difference between them, and I think I have found my new favorite stamping black. I'm just not sure if I'll be able to find any more of that polish, because I found it as a one-off close-out item at the dollar tree and I've never seen it anywhere else. The bottles look like this, though:

So if anyone has seen LA Colors bottles that look like this out in the wild, I'd love to know where you found them! 


  1. Beautiful mani! I especially love your index and pinkie finger. It looks so clean and sophisticated.

    1. Thank you! I am really loving this style of double stamping lately.