Thursday, December 29, 2016

Alice in Wonderland ft. MoYou London

Hello Readers!

Today I am excited to play with my new Alice in Wonderland plates by MoYou London. I just adore the newly released plate that features illustrations from the book, and I wanted to make my nails look like the pages of an aged copy of the literary classic.

I  debated whether I wanted to go with this darker neutral for the base, or a lighter Ivory color like Sinful Colors "Beaches and Cream", but in the end I went with Wet N Wild "Yo Soy" because it seemed like exactly the color of really old book pages. I considered adding a pop of color to this, but in the end I decided to keep it true to what you would see if you opened a real book. I included the stripes originally because they kind of reminded me of books lined up on a shelf, but I am not sure it really is obvious in the mani. I think it looks more like wacky wallpaper, perhaps in the room that Alice is standing in deciding whether or not to drink the bottle.

...which means my polish list is super short! I used this deep brown OPI to stamp with over the nude color. 

My illustration of Alice comes from this lovely plate. The details on this plate are just so amazing! The tiny pen strokes of the illustrations! Amazing.

 And of course, I had to use the coordinating typography plate to mimic the words on a page. Now, the phrases on this plate are mostly really too large to be able to fit the whole thing onto your nail in a way that it is readable. Some of the really small ones you'd be able to fit, but mostly not.

Finally, one of the newer Trend Hunter plates. I really, really wanted to get to play with this!

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