Friday, December 9, 2016

Challenge Your Nail Art: Desert Snowman

Hello Readers!

For today's Challenge Your Nail Art prompt (snowman), I may have gone a little bit outside the box. Originally I was planning to do a traditional snowman mani, but I wasn't feeling super inspired by it. I was looking over my list of unused plates and I remembered a certain succulent plate that hasn't had any love, and it hit me: cactus snowmen.

I live in the desert, and so we don't really ever get enough snow to make actual snowmen. The only snowmen you see here are the inflatable variety that pop up in people's yards this time of year. So I imagined some desert cactus wanting to have a little fun and people longing for snowmen decorating the prickly pear in their front yard with snowman paraphernalia and it made me giggle.

I used Sinful Colors "Tempest" for my base purple color and my cactus green is Essi "Going Guru". I stamped over "Tempest" with a similar purple in some snowflake designs but it is very subtle and hard to see.

My cactus images come from two plates: this Uberchic "dupe" (not a perfect dupe, the aliexpress seller switched some images around on it, presumably on purpose):

And the "desert dwellers" plate from Bundle Monster's Fuzzy and Ferocious collection for the saguaro: 

To transform my cacti into playful snowmen, I also created decals from this Bundle Monster Christmas plate:

And then layered them over the cacti. When I saw the little sled image, I couldn't resist allowing a small potted succulent to go for a ride on it. 

Lastly, I decided to go full cactus on my ring finger and give him a snowman flake. I stamped a texture pattern for needles and created a decal from this plate for a little snowman face:


  1. This is a cute mani! Nice idea too. That snowman looks very happy in the desert. :-)