Saturday, December 3, 2016

Challenge Your Nail Art: Snowflakes

Hello Readers!

Today's post is for the Challenge Your Nail Art group on Facebook, where there are prompts for every odd day of the month of December! December 3rd's challenge is "snowflakes", so I decided to break out a little bit of Olaf since he feels so at home in the snow.

When I was planning this manicure, I was having a difficult time deciding which polish to use as a base color, mostly because I wanted to use a glitter with it and I wasn't sure how the stamping was going to look over the glitter. So I decided to make a kind of swatch worksheet to compare how some different colors were going to look to help me decide.

Basically I just swatched a bunch of colors I thought could work, then put the glitter- OPI "So Elegant"- over top, and finally stamped the snowflake images so I could get a sneak peek of what the final result would look like for each color. I ended up choosing Sinful Colors "Kurtain Kall", but  NYC's "Skyline Blue" was a close runner-up. 

Here's my final palette:

I used a peel-off basecoat because I was working with glitter, and I can't stand trying to remove glitter with nail polish remover; it's the worst. However, I will note that sometimes this base coat does peel off before I am ready, so if I'm using it it means I plan on doing my nails again tomorrow night.

My Olaf plate is an ebay one-dollar-wonder:

I don't know who a lot of the characters on this plate are, but it is awesome because it has Jack Skellington.

And my snowflake images come from Bundle Monster's Winter Holiday plate collection:

I realized when I was uploading this that the glare in the corner of the plate that I didn't think was a big deal when photographing it is actually obscuring the plate number *facepalm*. Maybe I should re-take the picture, but I'm just not that dedicated so I'll just tell you the plate number: BM-S213.

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