Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Carousel mani ft. MoYou London Circus Collection

Hello Readers!

It's that time of year again when we are all enjoying out Christmas nail goodies and I get to play with some brand new stamping plates that "Santa" brought me! So today I am excited to get to try out the new MoYou London Circus collection plates. When I first saw these, I just couldn't handle the cute, especially of the carousel plate.

Those tiny carousel horses! I also got to try out my new "workhorse" plate, or at least what I feel is going to become a go-to in my collection, the basic "frenchy 09" by MoYou.

So for this mani, I started with a couple coats of the "taupe" polish. I wasn't crazy about the opacity of this polish, but I do have a hard time finding good nude polishes. Next, I used the frency plate to stamp stripes over my nails in the other colors pictured above.

This plate has a lot of wide, open spaces and for the most part this step went pretty easily. I find that as long as I scrape the shape from side to side (not top to bottom) and at a 90 degree angle I don't have any problems. 

So, then to the fun new circus plates! My favorite plate in the collection has to be this plate:

I find that frames often come in handy for a variety of themes, but also all of the images on this plate are just so lovely! Most of my mani is found on this plate, except for the "fun fun fun" image, which comes from the other plate in this collection that I got for Christmas:

Acrobats, clowns, a hot air balloon, a Ferris wheel... I love the detailed images on this plate. I know a lot of people aren't too crazy about clowns, ha ha, but there are actually only two clown images here so there's a good mix of other things.

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