Friday, December 2, 2016

Nail Crazies Unite: Holiday Movie

Hello Readers!

Today I am so excited to share my holiday movie inspired nails for the Nail Crazies Unite group on Facebook! I decided to go with one of my favorite holiday movies, "Elf".

"The fastest way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear!" I used a lot of different plates in this mani, because mixing and matching is what I like to do over here!

First off, let's have a look at the polishes:

Sunlit grass, two coats, for thumb-middle-ring, and one coat of Snow Me White followed by one of Fresh Linen for pointer-pinky.

So let's start of on the plates for pointer-pinky, the music notes with holly sprigs. I wanted to give the feeling of sheet of Christmas music because it is a major theme in the movie. For the music pattern I used a plate from the MoYou London Rockstar collection, and then placed a decal made from a Bundle Monster holiday collection plate:

Of course, I had to add a little elf in, and my elf comes from a dupe of a MoYou London plate from the fairytale collection:

This plate has a few images I can see being fun for Christmas- the elves of course, but I think the scissors would be fun for a wrapping presents themed manicure, and the buttons for a snowman theme.

For my thumb I made a decal from another Bundle Monster holiday plate. I am kicking myself a little bit for forgetting to keep it on the stamper head instead of making the decal on my silicone mat, which is why the word "list" is backwards.

I'm planning on using the Christmas lights image in another mani this December! 

So finally, the middle, which was a combination of freehand and using this MoYou London holy shapes plate as a guide:

I painted my fingernail yellow, then added green about 2/3 of the way down. Next I stamped a thin solid stripe in black and stamped a bigger square over it. I went over those guides with black again for opacity, and added a little gold stamping above it to represent the stitching on the elf character's coat. Then I added a little gold outline inside the square for a belt buckle. It represents the main character's elf costume:

So *whew* that's it! I hope you enjoyed this mani, I thought it turned out really cute! Check out some more holiday movie themed manis in the link up!


  1. This is super cute and so well done!! I love it ♥

  2. Oh my gosh this is such a lovely manicure! I am IN LOVE with your elf, he is just adorable!

  3. this is so cute and detailed!!