Friday, December 23, 2016

Challenge Your Nail Art: Reindeer

Hello Readers!

For today's Challenge Your Nail Art prompt, I have a reindeer-inspired mani. I thought it would be fun to pair my reindeer with a color-blocked look today.

My main green polish is Revlon "Posh", which is a lovely green that only required a single coat and went on like a dream. I also used Essie's "Jump in my Jumpsuit" (burgundy), Sinful Colors "Unicorn" (beige), and Sally Hansen Miracle Gel "Tan-acious" (tan). 

My cute little reindeer image comes from this Bundle Monster plate from the "Fuzzy and Ferocious" collection:
I recently used the penguin on this plate for a wintry manicure, but I've been looking forward to using the reindeer too! I love this plate for its sweet animals and the awesome backgrounds they come with. 

For my middle finger, I used a plate from Bundle Monster's "winter holiday" collection:

I was excited that the Christmas sweater design included reindeer, because I thought it would be perfect to pair with the other deer on my fingers and reinforce the theme. 

For the color-blocked nails, I broke out my trusty MoYou London Holy Shapes plate. 

If I could only own one plate... this might be the one. Maybe. I'd have a hard time choosing. But suffice it to say, this plate saves me so much time, effort, and frustration and it's a favorite of mine. 

After today, there's just one final Challenge Your Nail Art prompt! I can't believe Christmas is so close!

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