Monday, December 19, 2016

Challenge Your Nail Art: Penguins ft. Bundle Monster Fuzzy and Ferocious

Hello Readers!

Today's prompt for Challenge Your Nail Art is "penguins", and I am excited to see some cute little birds today! Bundle Monster's "Arctic Cuties" plate from the Fuzzy and Ferocious line was an obvious choice for this mani:

I decided to go for a dark background this time, so I started with Sinful Colors "konstellation" from the Kylie Jenner line- this is a gorgeous satin finish polish. I decided to use a matte topcoat to honor the original intention of the polish, but it turns out the ORLY matte topcoat is crap. Still, I did what  I could.

The penguin was a little tricky to make a decal with since penguins are black and white and I had a dark background. Here is the plate he lives on:
(You may be seeing more of this plate very soon- I have plans for the bottom middle reindeer image.) In the end, I made the decal with white polish and then went over and stamped select parts of the decal with black polish (the penguins feet, beak, and scarf) so they would show up better. I also had to add his eyes on. I could have stamped them on too, but I added them before I decided to go back and re-stamp some of the areas.

For the "ice" on the other nails, I used a plate from Bundle Monster's Time Machine Collection:

Finally, I felt like it needed a little something so I added the bow to finish it off.

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