Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Challenge Your Nail Art: Glitter- Polar Express

Hello Readers!

I'm back again with another post for Challenge Your Nail Art, and this time the prompt is glitter! So I grabbed out my peel-off base coat and went to work on a pretty simple and straightforward polar express themed mani.

I've been wanting to do a train mani ever since I got the Bundle Monster Time Machine plate set for my birthday all the way back in September, but I thought it would be a fun theme to kind of save for Christmastime. I have a 4-year-old who is completely enamored with trains, so he was excited about this one. 

My train comes from this vintage themed plate:

I used a mysterious silver polish with no kind of label to give us a clue as to what brand it is. It's lovely though! I can't even remember how or when I got this polish- I surely have had it for a number of years. I used my current stand-by, Sinful Colors "black on black" as my stamping polish and simply stamped it onto my nails. You may notice that the pinky is patched- I accidentally smudged it so I had to go in with a toothpick and fix the part that rubbed off. It's not a perfect patching job, but at least it is better than it was!

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