Tuesday, December 13, 2016

ABC Nail Art Challenge: Z is for Zapatos

Hello readers!

Today is the final letter in the ABC nail art challenge! It gets a little bit tricky towards the end of the alphabet but it has been fun to come up with words for these last few letters. For "z" I am going with the foreign language approach and going with "zapatos", which means "shoes" in Spanish. I've had this shoe plate staring up at me beneath its blue film in my stamping plate binder for a while now, silently asking me, "why did you buy me? Are you ever going to use me?" So I decided this would be the perfect opportunity to take it up on its challenge.

I decided to pair my single shoe image with a smaller scale shoe image and a floral reminescent of what I imagine the tiny pattern on the shoe is. 

I started out with the Revlon "High Stakes" polish, which was super runny but turns out to be a beautiful royal  blue. I used the Sinful Colors "Snow Me White" to stamp with, and as you can see it stamps really nicely.

So, this plate... I bought it off Aliexpress on a whim, and it is similar to a MoYou London plate from the pro collection. I thought it was funny, but then I had trouble thinking of what to actually do with it because I didn't think I'd like a mani with all the nails being one big shoe. I love doing quirky things, but I think that would just be a little too much for me. I love that this plate exists, and since it was just $1 I decided to go for it but... I don't know, I guess it's just not a plate I really see myself using all the time. The images are cute though! Maybe I just need to use my imagination more to figure out a use for them. I think the flip-flop could be really fun for a tropical mani, though. 

The floral print comes from this Bundle Monster plate from the Create-Your-Own 2014 collection. I love this delicate floral- it is just so lovely. The leaf image on this plate is really neat too. 

Finally I have this fun Born Pretty plate that I took the smaller-scale shoes from. This plate is super fun for back-to-school themes and lots of random, quirky images. 

Well, that wraps up the final letter for the ABC challenge! Check out some more 'Z' themed manis in the link-up below!


  1. Very cool idea for the theme. I need to get off my butt and finish mine. I have it all drawn out on paper and everything. :p