Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Little Fishies with *new* MoYou London Animal Collection

Hello Readers!

I'm so excited to be playing with MoYou London's *brand new* animal collection because it is absolutely adorable and you know I love playing with cute images. Today's mani focuses on the beautiful fish. I just fell in love with these fish, mostly because of the tiny little patterns on their sides.

The details on those little swimmers! I can't stand it. 

I find myself reaching for my white as a base so often. I decided to use a sort of muted color palette for this mani. 

For some reason my picture of my animal plate doesn't want to upload. :( But here's the picture from MoYou London's website:

I really like how it includes small and large images of the different animals, and it includes two different large fish which is fun. My other favorite images on this plate are the parakeets. SO CUTE! It's all actually really cute, though I could have done without the flamingos. I have so many flamingo images. 

I used this plate from MoYou London's Artist collection to make the little splashes. This plate was SO FUN to work with! It makes me want to use it a whole lot more in the future. 

Finally, that lovely water pattern on my middle nail comes from a really fun Bundle Monster plate from last year's blogger collab collection:

I still haven't gotten around to creating a Little Mermaid mani with this plate, or a shark mani (those sharks in the upper right and corner!!), but it is on my bucket list. Yeah, I have a lot of things on my bucket list of nail art. That's probably why I post so often, ha ha.