Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Pantone Color of the Year ft. MoYou London Hipster

Hello Readers!

Every since I got the MoYou London Hipster plate with the tiny  Pantone card on it, I have been looking forward to making a mani based on the color of the year when it came out. Joyce from "What's on my nails today" already beat me to it, and I was really inspired by the lovely cream color that she paired the color of the year with, so I may have borrowed that idea from her. ;)

This year's color is "Greenery", a bright spring green that it intended to represent growth and new life. I had a couple of different ideas for what I wanted to do for my accent nail for this mani, and I was having a hard time deciding which one, when I realized, "I have two hands! Why not do both?" So here are my two variations on a theme:

Version #1 pulls in some of the colors Pantone suggests pairing with the main color. I'm always inspired by the suggested color schemes over on that website, so I decided to pull some of those in and try out a fun color-me-in stamping design. 

Version #2 (on my Cindy hand) sticks to more of a pure interpretation of the color. I wanted to use leaves because the bright green is inspired by bright green spring leaves. 

I thought the Sinful Colors "Innocent" was the closest match to the Pantone Greenery color that I had in my collection. Two coats of that polish was plenty! 

The Pantone card can be found on this MoYou London plate from the Hipster collection. I did make a decal with this, and colored the green over the top of the decal instead of on the back. It was just easier for me than trying to color it in after I had stamped it onto my nail. 

The tiny triangles on my pointer/pinky fingers come from this very useful MoYou London Holy Shapes plate. I used my Bundle Monster stamping guides to make isolating the triangle 100x easier. 

The leaves on cindy come from this MoYou London plate from the Tropical collection. 

And finally, the accent nail on my main hand was from this lovely Bundle Monster plate, I believe from the shangri-la collection. I haven't done a lot of these types of images before, and I have to say it was very fun and satisfying to fill this in! 

So, which version do you like better? Are you a fan of this year's Pantone color? 


  1. Green is one of my favorite colors next to rainbow, so I approve of Pantone's pick. I have to say I love the manicure with the paisley print more (closer to rainbow!), but they both look great. Yay for having two hands!

    1. Thank you, Lisa! The paisley was my personal favorite too, which is probably why I put in on my left hand rather than Cindy. ;)

  2. This is so smart!! :)
    I love both manicures. At the moment I'm more in the mood for subtle and quiet so I would go for the leaves, but I really like the colors in the first one (and the design as well) so I can totally see me wearing that one too. And I noticed I have some shopping to do over at MoYou... I need those Holy Shapes plates asap ;)

    1. Thank you! Ha ha yeah that MoYou Holy Shapes plate is amazing- I use it all the time. The shapes on it remind me of little nail studs, only stamping instead.