Saturday, January 28, 2017

Lunar New Year Nails

Hello Readers!

Today I have a holiday mani for Lunar New Year, which begins today.

This year is the year of the Fire Rooster, and though I decided not put a Rooster on my nails, I always think it is interesting to learn what each animal symbolizes, so here we go:

"Roosters are characterized as observant and hardworking. Active and talkative, Roosters tend to enjoy social events and being in the center of attention, according to Chinese astrology. They also typically enjoy sports, according to traits set by the astrology."
-from Time's Article about the Year of the Rooster

 I decided to pair paper cranes with my Lunar New Year mani, even though they are not usually associated with the holiday. My reasoning is that until more recent modern days, Lunar New Year was the official start of the New Year in Japan as well as China, and the paper cranes are a Japanese symbol that represent good luck, healing, and wish fulfillment. I feel like that is a good sentiment for going into a new year- the hope that it will be full of those things.

I used my new favorite red for this mani, since red is a symbol of good luck in China and is traditionally a color associated with Lunar New Year.

My paper cranes come from this MoYou London Origami collection plate. (That paper airplane in the upper left corner!!) I used the reverse stamping method to fill in their little crane bodies with white before stamping them onto my gold nail.

The lanterns come from this Bundle Monster plate from their original holiday collection.

Do you do anything to celebrate Lunar New Year? Although I don't do anything too elaborate, I always enjoy seeing what the zodiac animal for the year is and reading a little bit about Chinese culture this time of year. It's always fun to explore other countries, even if your budget limits you to doing it from your computer chair. ;) Also, do you know what your Chinese Zodiac sign is? Mine is a rabbit- a fire rabbit, to be specific. If you want to find yours, this site will help you out with that. :)