Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Pizza nails with MoYou London Hipster and Cookbook

Hello Readers!

Who doesn't like pizza? When I saw the MoYou London Cookbook plate featuring "vegan" images, pizza was actually the first thing I thought of. Probably because mushrooms are one of my favorite pizza toppings. Anyway, I thought it would be fun to go all-out-quirky and put some pizza along with pizza ingredients onto my fingernails.

And I think it's funny.

Here's a quick look at the polishes I used for this:

My purple onions are stamped with the "wild violets" polish, which turned out to be a great purple stamping polish to work with!

This mani is easier than it looks, since only one of the nails actually uses reverse stamping/decals- all the rest are just basic stamping.

Those cute little pizza slices come from this MoYou London plate from the Hipster collection.

....and everything else comes from this Cookbook collection plate.

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