Friday, January 20, 2017

26 Great Nail Art Ideas: Red and Pink

Hello Readers!

Today's post for 26 Great Nail Art Ideas is based around colors: red and pink. Although it's not quite February yet, red and pink together made me get stuck on Valentine's Day themes so I went with it.

I also decided to try a little bit of assisted freehand because it's been a while since I've done any kind of freehand on my nails. This is another mani that uses a few plates, but let's get into the polish first:

So pretty simple here. The OPI "Red My Fortune Cookie" goes on a bit sheer at first; it's a sort of jelly formula, but at two coats it was enough for me and super shiny! 

The main plate I used for this mani was this MoYou London Valentine's Day themed plate from the Festive Collection. My favorite part of this plate is the images with the big heart in the center and the small designs surrounding it- soooo pretty! But I didn't even use them on this mani, go figure. I did use one of the images with the small repeating hearts to isolate hearts to use on my pointer/pinky fingers, however.

The grid pattern stamped in pink comes from Holy Shapes 17, also from MoYou London.

So I said "assisted" freehand, and what I mean by that is I used this little baby to create a guideline for the- creature- on my ring finger. Now, depending on the colors you are using I find this often doesn't stamp dark enough to be used outright. So after I stamped one of these onto my nail I went over it freehand to get it to the opacity that I wanted. Then I used a dotting tool to add the ears, and painted on some details- the white "hair" and hearts- freehand. The face comes from this super cute Bundle Monster plate:

I'm curious to see how many Valentine's Day manis we will see this week, or if other people came up with something completely different! Check it out in the link-up below!


  1. Your plates are freakin' amazing!

    1. Thank you! Fun stamping plates are probably my favorite part of doing nail art.

  2. That valentines plate is amazing & I love the mani you created. It's perfect.
    Vicky x

  3. Awesome. So fun. Those plates look great also xx

  4. Super cute and kawaii Valentine's Mani 😊