Sunday, January 1, 2017

Simple Sunday Jan 1, 2017 with Bundle Monster Blogger Collab

Hello Readers!

I almost didn't end up doing a Simple Sunday post today because of New Year's Eve, but our plans fell through so I figured I might as well paint my nails. ;)

Today's mani is simple in that it uses only two polishes and just one stamping plate, but fair warning about stamping these images- it is helpful to have a few tricks up your sleeve for these delicate designs!

For one, clear stampers definitively help when you are going for a half-moon type look because it's a lot easier to see what you are doing. But the other issue is that these delicate lines can be finicky and they like to come up off the nail when you lift your stamper back up after applying them. To remedy this, you can press the stamper straight down (with no rolling) over the nail, and hold it there for just a couple of seconds before lifting back up. This will give the stamping polish a chance to stick down firmly to the nail so it won't lift back up with the stamper.

My polish palette is super simple today, with just the periwinkle color and my favorite white. I did three coats of the OPI polish, though I might have been able to get away with two.

Finally, I used images from this plate for my stamping. I love the little half-moon lacy shapes on this plate.

Happy New Year to all of you! Here's hoping 2017 brings you lots of joy.


  1. Sorry your plans fell through, but great mani! And Happy New Year!

    1. Thank you! We had a nice holiday watching Netflix on the couch anyway. :) Happy New Year to you, too!