Sunday, September 25, 2016

31 Day Challenge: Inspired by Fashion

Hello Readers!

Today's 31-Day challenge prompt is to be inspired by fashion. Nothing came to mind immediately, and I considered googling "fashion week" to look for a photo to pull inspiration from, but then the idea to base it off of one of my daughter's outfits came to me. Baby clothes are some of my very favorite clothing items, because babies.

This is one of my favorite outfits, modeled by my muse herself:

And I thought it would be really fun to abase a mani off of this look. So, here is what I ended up with:
I actually wore this mani while helping run crowd control and persuading small children to sit still during a practice session for a children's program. Part of the reason I chose this mani was because I hoped they would be entertained by it, and I have to say it did come in handy. When the children were getting restless, I showed them my nails and it was instant fascination and quiet while they delightedly examined them. I also used this trick for my toddler, and she was pretty excited about the cat. She kept pointing to it and saying "meow! meow!", and then she tried to eat my nails. Not sure what that was about, ha ha. 

I used a born pretty plate for the basic leopard print, and my cat face comes from this Bundle Monster plate (bottom left):

I also recieved happy nail mail today- my first MoYou London order- hooray! And so I employed this very useful plate from the Holy Shapes collection to outline my thin leopard print stripe on my middle finger:

I'm so excited about this plate just for its sheer usefulness. Also, this plate is incredibly well etched. Even with the large open shapes, it stamps beautifully every time.

Thanks for stopping by today! Check out some more fashion-inspired manis over here:

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