Wednesday, September 21, 2016

31 Day Challenge: Inspired by a Color

Hello Readers!

I'm excited to be starting the last section of the 31-Day challenge, where we get to pull inspiration from many different sources to create our manis. The first prompt is fairly simple, and something I am often inspired by- a color. I interpreted this to mean a nail polish color, as in to be inspired by a nail polish color that I want to build a mani around.

This mani was inspired by a neon, highlighter yellow color that I found just yesterday at the dollar tree in an amazing little box that had four different nail polish colors for just $1. They were great colors, too, and they had two different boxes there. I was inspired by the colors they had put together in the collection box and really wanted to create a mani using them.

These are the polishes I used. I did mix and match from the two collections my store had available, so if you go and look for these you will note that this is not all the same collection. The polishes didn't have a name on the bottles, which is always annoying, but the colors are fantastic. I especially love the blue, which is a perfect "facebook blue" and unlike any blue in my collection. In fact, the match for facebook's blue inspired the mani, as you can see:

I used a Bundle Monster plate for my images, from the Time Machine collection. It looks like this:

After I did my stamping, I used the large hex glitter to do some glitter placement on the argyle print and above the girl's face. I also did the glitter placement on my thumb:

Thanks for stopping by! Check out the other color-inspired manis for the challenge here:

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