Monday, September 26, 2016

31 Day Challenge: Inspired by a pattern

Hello Readers!

Today's prompt for the 31-Day challenge is to do a mani inspired by a pattern. Now, I have been having a very long love affair with paper for much of my life, and so- and this may come as a shock- I have an even bigger collection of patterned paper than I do of nail polish. So of course when I was thinking of what to do for this prompt, I headed up to my paper stash to have a look for some inspiration.

I came across this lovely double-sided paper by Allison Kreft, produced by Webster's pages:

A side:

B side:

The general idea of double-sided paper is that both sides coordinate well and are designed to be used together. Now, I wouldn't normally think to put these colors and patterns together, but Allison Kreft said it was ok and I love bright and cheerful manicures, so I decided to go for it. Here's what I came up with:

My base orange polish here is "Electra-cute" by Sally Hansen Miracle Gel. I used this stamping plate, which I got off of Aliexpress and I have heard may be dupe for something...

I never would have come up with this combo on my own, and I kind of love it, so I think I may look to my paper collection for inspiration more in the future. 


  1. aww cute. I love the ice cream pattern :)

    1. Thank you! I know it's not really summertime anymore but it's still hot here, so it fits in my climate. :)